June 2021 Blog Posts

Career Changers: A Talent Pool Waiting to be 'Discovered' by Collision Repair Employers

06/11/2021 by Val D'Anna
Former homebuilder and youth minister Brad Fancher is not the type to jump off the deep end. “I don’t normally try something unless I’m sure I’ll succeed at it.” 
As much as Justin Stokes believes “life is about progression and going for higher goals,” it was easy to be complacent with his customer service job for a decade, even though he’d hit a dead end.


A Passing the Torch Letter to a New Collision Repair Teacher

06/01/2021 by Val D'Anna
Welcome back to school on the other side of the desk! An opportunity awaits that’s going to reward you, frustrate you, connect you to a first-class network of your peers, and make you wonder, those first few years, if it ever gets any easier. It does, but it’s not the “gravy job” your former co-workers at the body shop think you took. The worst case of orange peel you ever fixed on a paint job is a cakewalk compared to keeping 20 fidgety teenagers interested enough to stay off Snapchat for an entire class period.