05/05/2020 by Kimberly Owens
Looking for ways to fill your time? What about some free training?! As part of I-CAR's Supporting Every Industry Relief Program, act by May 31 to register for free in this I-CAR popular online course
In the U.S. alone, OEMs introduce over 100 vehicle changes every year. Knowing how to repair the advanced materials and technologies featured on these new vehicles is now more critical than ever. I-CAR’s Vehicle & Technology Specific training courses offer just that!

I-CAR partners with vehicle makers and technology providers to provide collision repair professionals the education and knowledge they need to repair vehicle models with the latest technology. Check-out one of I-CAR’s most popular courses, Using Vehicle Maker Repair Procedures, and take advantage of this offer through I-CAR’s Industry Relief Program and take this course for free today! Newsletter300x300_FreeCourse_UsingVehicleMakerRepairProcedures-FreeCourseHeadline.jpg
In one hour, you can learn why OEM specific repair procedures must be followed and what resources are available to find them – including OEM specific website, I-CAR resources and service bulletins. This course will:
  • Explain the need for accessing original equipment manufacturer repair information
  • Explain service information content
  • Identify various service information sources
  • Identify specific OEM repair information
  • Explain how to follow OEM repair procedures

You’ll need a myI-CAR account to access this course, so if it’s been awhile since you’ve logged on or you don’t have an account, activate your account or create one today.