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Retired Educator Becomes Living Legend with Naming of Neal Grover Lab at SLCC

02/29/2024 by I-CAR
Retired educator and I-CAR instructor Neal Grover has always seen himself as an ordinary working man. So as accolades keep rolling in after retirement, you can imagine the depth of this modest man’s astonishment. The most recent one makes him a living legend. How did this happen, the now 84-year-old Grover marvels. “I’m just a guy who did my job, and I loved doing it.”


For a New Tech at a Gold Class® Shop, Pushing a Broom Can Lead to Being Groomed for Tech Job

01/10/2024 by I-CAR
Steady encouragement steered I-CAR volunteer Adan Ibarra in a direction that mainly benefits, depending on your perspective, either this former technician who now runs his own business or his 30 employees at Leading Edge Collision in Houston, where entry-level new hires start out pushing a broom but can quickly move up like 22-year-old production manager Kaleb Higginbotham. From the broadest of perspectives, it is the collision repair industry that’s better off with Ibarra in it. He heads efforts to support local schools as the chair of I-CAR’s Houston-Galveston committee and gives input as a member of I-CAR’s Member Council.


New I-CAR Courses Explain Impact of New and Stronger Materials on Measuring, Anchoring and Pulling

12/01/2023 by Scott Kaboos and Jeff Poole, experts on I-CAR’s Technical Team
Like everything else in collision repair, the structural technician’s job has become a lot more complex, requiring new knowledge and procedures. The old rules – remember if it’s bent, fix it; if it’s a kink, junk it – have been tossed out. If you don’t understand how new materials in vehicle builds affect repairability, don’t look up OEM data for every single job, or try to get by with minimal anchors and measurements, the result is likely to be improper structural repairs. But don’t feel overwhelmed by how radically structural repairs are changing. We cover the gamut of what you most need to know by looking at the overall structural repair work flow in Unibody Measuring, Anchoring, and Pulling and Full-Frame Measuring, Anchoring and Pulling.


An I-CAR Platinum™ Passport to an American Dream

10/03/2023 by I-CAR

Collision repair unlocked a world of opportunity for Rickey Nanlall, who found his auto body and mechanics skills highly transportable from his native Guyana. His passport to the American dream he is now living has been I-CAR training and Platinum credentialing. Looking to give back to the industry that has given him so many opportunities and success, Nanlall is an active I-CAR volunteer keen on recruiting youth to the industry. 


Adventures on a Collision Repair Path Less Traveled

08/31/2023 by I-CAR
If there’s a limit to where Mike Lonabaugh’s collision repair skills can take him, this award-winning I-CAR instructor hasn’t found it yet. This blog follows some of his adventures down a career path that is part traditional and part less traveled, with the most amazing outlet for his talent on the silver screen (yes, we do mean Hollywood).