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ADAS Calibrations Part of a Proper, Complete Repair

05/01/2024 by Joel Dufkis and Kurt Fenzel, I-CAR ADAS experts
The rapid expansion of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has shown promise in reducing collision frequency and severity, yet distracted driving is on the rise. April's designation as Distracted Driver Awareness Month serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by distractions such as cell phone use. Ironically, the increasing reliance on ADAS has led to some drivers becoming less vigilant. Customers often assume their repaired vehicles' ADAS will shield them, even during moments of distraction. This underscores the critical responsibility collision repairers bear in precisely calibrating ADAS to factory specifications.


Master the Basics to Advance Your Welding Skills

04/25/2024 by Blake Baker and Ed Valle, I-CAR Trainers, Program Delivery
A lot is changing in welding equipment, materials, and techniques; but even if you’re up to speed on these trends, you’ll be at a disadvantage if you haven’t mastered the simple basics. These are the fundamentals that have guided generations of welders, going back to the day of traditional MIG welding equipment. Yet, we see these well-established basics being overlooked by many of the structural technicians we work with.


I-CAR Role Model Shows a Woman’s Place in Collision Repair Can Be Wherever She Aspires to Be

03/07/2024 by I-CAR
One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure and sometimes even a priceless discovery. Even though she didn’t know it, 12-year-old Melissa “Mel” Callejas needed a challenge to take her fledging interest in auto mechanics and cars to the next level. And, there it was, waiting for the next garbage pick-up, a busted-up dirt bike that Callejas instinctively knew had a potential.


Retired Educator Becomes Living Legend with Naming of Neal Grover Lab at SLCC

02/26/2024 by I-CAR
Retired educator and I-CAR instructor Neal Grover has always seen himself as an ordinary working man. So as accolades keep rolling in after retirement, you can imagine the depth of this modest man’s astonishment. The most recent one makes him a living legend. How did this happen, the now 84-year-old Grover marvels. “I’m just a guy who did my job, and I loved doing it.”


For a New Tech at a Gold Class® Shop, Pushing a Broom Can Lead to Being Groomed for Tech Job

01/10/2024 by I-CAR
Steady encouragement steered I-CAR volunteer Adan Ibarra in a direction that mainly benefits, depending on your perspective, either this former technician who now runs his own business or his 30 employees at Leading Edge Collision in Houston, where entry-level new hires start out pushing a broom but can quickly move up like 22-year-old production manager Kaleb Higginbotham. From the broadest of perspectives, it is the collision repair industry that’s better off with Ibarra in it. He heads efforts to support local schools as the chair of I-CAR’s Houston-Galveston committee and gives input as a member of I-CAR’s Member Council.