Entry-Level Technician Learning and Development Guide


Onboarding Guide for New Technicians

This Entry-Level Technician Learning and Development Guide was developed to help shops seeking guidance for training entry-level technicians immediately. This guide is one of the first steps in I-CAR's talent programming initiative and offers a bridge that will connect today’s current industry curriculum to I-CAR's upcoming comprehensive solution for attracting, mentoring, training, and retaining technicians. This early-version guide will be upgraded as part of our ongoing Talent Programming initiative that includes planned enhancements.

This quick-hit guide is designed to help repairers train entry-level technicians in-house using specific, sequenced, and current I-CAR courses. With a progressive and methodical approach, skills are taught by veteran technicians, starting with the most basic tasks, and building toward jobs with increased complexity.

Benefits of Using The Onboarding Guide

There are several benefits of implementing a successful new technician onboarding program beyond attracting talent to your organization.

  • Get new employees up to speed quicker
  • Train new employees to shop/company standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Improve overall job satisfaction
  • Increase employee retention
  • Build strong intergenerational communication/relationships
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