August 2020 Blog Posts

Unlimited I-CAR Training during Pandemic Gives Rise to Extreme Learners

08/25/2020 by Val D'Anna
Increased consumption of TV, gaming and other streaming services isn’t all COVID-19 has triggered. Learning is on the upsurge too. Given the opportunity of open time and unlimited access to I-CAR online and virtual courses through a subscription plan, “extreme learners” completed 100, 200 and even 300-plus I-CAR courses between March 1 and mid-July of 2020.


Virtual Auto Claims in Today’s Touchless Environment

08/19/2020 by Debbie Gates
Over the years, consumers have become comfortable; and, in many cases, reliant on technology to engage with companies and businesses to complete everyday activities. As a direct impact of COVID-19, consumers and businesses, including insurance carriers, are now relying on technology to interact not only for convenience, but also in order to maintain a safe social distance